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"We liked the song's deep ambience and the smooth piano melodies here…"

“Thanks for sharing music with us! there is a nice concept as a thematic sound with the ambient at the intro…” - Moodplaylisting

"Thick guitars and cathartic vocals intermingle well… " ` Obscure Sound

"Your vocals have such a distinguishable and radio-friendly quality to them…” - Lemon Fresh Music

David said

 "hello! thank you for submitting a playlist today! i really liked the vocals on this track. the production and chord progression was also really beautiful! "

Herbemischung said

"Breathe into Me" It is a very interesting song. I like the genre bending approach you guys have. The slow beat combined with a pulsating electronic bass and catchy vocals is captivating. In the end I really liked the production quality and the creativity. It definitely is an outstanding song here."


"Great power in the vocals…” - Grease Release

In my head, I saw an old apartment in some big city where the city outside was loud and sprawling. Inside, the paint was peeling, there was a chair that was covered in dust, and the room was empty. 

In that same room, I pictured all that probably was…the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly, tears of joy and sadness, moments of celebration, challenge, and despair. 

I quickly thought that this building and room in decay could be or could have been so much more if life and love gave it the attention it deserved. To me, this parallels the dynamic of relationships. 

If you fail to nurture it, appreciate it, and breathe into it, it will decay until it is lifeless. Yet, almost always, in all of this, there is hope. In that Marriott parking lot that night, the lyric of hope came to me.  

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What others are saying...

Karina said

 “Breathe into Me” by David Alan Bruce is a heartfelt and emotive ballad that delves deep into the struggles of love and loss. 

With hauntingly beautiful vocals and a mesmerizing piano melody, this song has the power to evoke raw emotions and tug at the heartstrings of its listeners. From the opening notes, the song sets a somber and reflective mood. 

The lyrics speak of the feeling of emptiness and the search for something to fill the void left by a lost love. 

The chorus, “Breathe into me, a new way to feel alive,” is a poignant plea for hope and healing. The way the piano chords and the melody come together creates a powerful musical backdrop that emphasizes the lyrics and the emotion behind them. 

The instrumentation is minimalistic, but it’s used to great effect, adding a depth of feeling that is not always present in contemporary ballads. 

David Alan Bruce’s voice is the real highlight of the song. His vocal delivery is soft and gentle, yet full of emotion and conviction. He has a way of drawing the listener in and conveying the emotions of the lyrics in a way that feels authentic and genuine. 

Overall, “Breathe into Me” is a touching and poignant ballad that explores the theme of loss and the search for healing. David Alan Bruce’s powerful voice and the beautiful piano melody create a truly immersive experience that will leave the listener feeling deeply moved. 

This is a must-listen for fans of contemporary ballads and those looking for a song that speaks to the heart"